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              Hello! Welcome to visit Guangdong Zhengjia Intelligent Equipment Co. , Ltd. . Website!

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              Guangdong Zhengjia Intelligent Equipment Co. , Ltd.

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              About us



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              About us

              Guangdong Zhengjia Intelligent Equipment Co. , Ltd. , is a wire processing equipment, automation equipment, hardware equipment and supplies sales, processing, services as one of the enterprises. The company takes &quot;quality creates strength&quot; , &quot;service wins the market&quot; as the idea, strives to provide the high quality standard product for the customer, satisfies the customer the request with the most preferential price and the quickest service, with strong R & D CAPABILITIES AND HIGH-QUALITY PRODUCTS to obtain high recognition of customers, is a industry praise trustworthy high-tech enterprises. Over the years, the company has developed and created high-end automation equipment, and trained a large number of high-quality professionals, in order to ensure product quality has laid a solid foundation. At the same time, the company has formulated a science and technology-oriented development policy, in the digestion and absorption of foreign counterparts on the basis of advanced technology, research and development of products with professional knowledge, every year to invest a large number of funds for technological transformation.

              With its own development, Zhengjia&#039;s team and scale are also growing. In order to better serve customers, it has set up its own branches in Dongguan and Shenzhen, one of the Shenzhen Branch: Shenzhen Yongxinke Electronic Equipment Co. , Ltd. , has been operating for 11 years. At the beginning of its establishment, Zhengjia is firmly following the national brand line, independent research and development, science and technology innovation, the company has obtained a number of utility model patents and a number of appearance new patents, leading the industry. Therefore, the Super R & D ability has become the label of Zhengjia intelligent equipment in the industry, Nothing in Common, become the new force in the wire harness processing machinery industry, and have the confidence to become the industry leader and leader.

              The company strictly according to ISO: 9000 quality standards production, with first-class precision processing equipment and a strong after-sales service network, the main products include: automatic single-terminal machine, double-terminal crimping machine, wiring terminal crimping machine, all kinds of mute terminal crimping machine, automatic computer stripping machine, pneumatic stripping machine, mute copper belt machine, PC head punch machine, all kinds of terminal crimping die, terminal blade, computer pipe cutting machine and other automatic equipment. Mainly for automobiles, electric vehicles, electronics, home appliances, appliances, medical, communications and other wire harness production and wire harness processing enterprises to provide a complete set of services.

              Since its inception, Zhengjia has continuously imported advanced equipment and technology from home and abroad to make its products more stable and adhere to the concept of independent innovation and market at source, make the company in the fierce market competition has always maintained a leading position. ZHENGJIA INTELLIGENCE ASPIRES TO CONTRIBUTE TO CHINA&#039;s industrial mechanization, automation, intelligentization and transformation of traditional industries. It is the responsibility of the wire harness processing industry to get rid of the dependence on foreign advanced equipment, and finally let the Zhengjia brand gain global recognition and sell well all over the world. Up to now, its products have sold well in nearly 20 provinces and cities nationwide, and exported to the United States, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Korea and Europe and the Middle East markets. Now with supporting terminal customers are: Dongfeng Motor, Yadi, Yueva, Star and Moon God electric vehicles, Byd Auto, Sheng road communications, Anfano connectors. Zhengjia is convinced that only by relying on technology, talents and innovation can it create more value for customers, and is committed to becoming a leader in the wire harness processing machinery industry and a well-known brand in China&#039;s automation machinery industry, is the highest pursuit of Zhengjia intelligence.

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