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              The difference between automatic terminal machine

              FromIndustry News Time2021-04-15

              There are many kinds of terminal machine, can be divided into automatic terminal machine, automatic tin dip machine, automatic wiring terminal machine and so on. In the processing of different types of wiring harness, to use the terminal machine is not the same. Now you will often hear the word fully automatic wiring terminal machine and semi-automatic terminal machine. Because there is only a word difference between the two, many people would think the two machines will be very similar, but the fact is not the case. A fully automatic terminal machine is a terminal machine that integrates a server (noise reduction) . The basic principle of its operation is not the same as that of a general terminal machine. It only has to give the server a message, which is then sent to the motor, fully automatic terminal machine can be made into a gesture. 2. Semi Automatic Terminal Machines, commonly known as Terminal Machines, are the type of vertical desktop terminal machines commonly found on the market, which are equipped with a pedal type breaker clutch, because the terminal machine operation, the motor motor motor motor is constantly running, every step on the foot will get a &quot;O&quot; power cut signal. It is one of the most commonly used type of terminal machine. Terminal press can be called terminal crimping machine, or terminal crimping machine. In recent years, the market for terminal machines has been dominated by fully automatic terminal machines, which are highly efficient, must-have and accurate for everyone, as the company has increasingly moved towards automation production, super Noise reduction and so on the advantages of many companies love. And if you want to buy high-quality fully automatic terminal machine, you should come to Dongguan Dawang Machinery Equipment Co. , Ltd. to buy equipment. Dongguan Dawang Machinery & Equipment Co. , Ltd. is a manufacturer of wire harness processing equipment, serving electrical appliances, electrical appliances, automobile and motorcycle wiring harness, power transmission and distribution equipment, watch box distribution cabinet wiring, new Energy Vehicle, charging gun, charging post wire harness these three major areas. With more than 50 product lines, it can meet the needs of consumers. And the perfect after-sales service system, so don&#039;t worry about the maintenance of the equipment.

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