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              main difference?

              FromKnowledge Time2021-04-15

              One-piece machine can only press the horizontal connecting terminal. one-piece machine means that the machine and the mould are connected together and can not be disassembled. If it is head-to-tail connection is a straight terminal, then pressure not oh. 1t terminal machine can not pressure single grain, pressure single grain is not safe, to pressure single grain recommended with 1.5 t. 1.5 t power than 1 T, can press slightly larger or thicker terminal, can change all kinds of die, just need to change the transverse mode can press with the transverse terminal, change the straight mode can press with the vertical terminal, change a single mold can press a loose terminal, change the flag-shaped Mold can press a variety of flag-shaped terminal. In the long run, it is recommended to choose more than 1.5 T oh.

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